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Unique Magic

The Path of every human is Unique, as is that of every Yogi. And this is a solid foundation for our Philosophy. Our aim is just to transmit from the heart and conscientiously the learning acquired in the area of yoga and healthy eating, supporting you on your journey.


About Us

Celeste Fernandez

I am Celeste, a Hatha Yoga instructor since 2017. I did my training after a few years of practicing different types of yoga, feeling very curious to learn more, but without thinking that yoga would become something so special for me. In these years I understood that yoga is much more than a simple physical activity. In each practice there is an invitation to go inward beyond physical capacities, and from that place each person has their own unique and perfect path to travel. My classes are oriented in this sense, and my purpose as an instructor is to observe and respect the place where each person is, guiding and helping them to advance in their own yoga practice.

Ludovica Rubbi

My name is Ludovica, even if friends call me Lola. Yoga became part of my life in a completely casual way, or at least that’s what I thought. From the first class I was impressed because I felt it was not a simple body training but there was more. I decided, after years of personal practice, to leave for Barcelona, where I certified with Yoga Alliance. There I got the chance to increase my knowledge as a yogina and as a teacher, but also to meet wonderful people from all over the world with my same passion. My lessons are authentic and my intention is to make people feel welcomed and free to express themselves without being judged. I think it’s the practice that has to adapt to the individual and not vice versa. That's why my practices are suitable for all levels, while remaining challenging.

Rosa Tuccillo

Hello, my name is Rosa and I'm a healthy food lover. Also I have been practicing yoga for a long time, until I came to the conclusion that yoga and nutrition go hand in hand. I love to cook and the products I use are fresh and seasonal. The act of eating influences our daily habits, that is why I am a fan of conscious eating, a pure lifestyle on a not only physical level but also mental, emotional and spiritual. I will be happy to offer an ovo-lactate-vegetarian diet, nutritionally complete and adapted to any stage of the life cycle, a diet that will provide us the energy we will need in those beautiful days that we will spend together! My secret ingredient???? Lot of love!

Retreats 2022

"Trust your Magic" Yoga Retreat


14 – 17 October 2022

"Trust your Magic" Yoga Weekend


21 – 24 October 2022

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